Tennis Tots (2-4yrs)

Tennis Tots (2-4yrs)

Tennis Tots

Start early ages 2-4yrs

This session provides lots of toddler-friendly ball skills, balancing and co-ordination games with an introduction to using the racket. Young players gain confidence in having their parents involved with their initial learning.

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Physical Fitness

Engages kids in physical activity, establishing early habits of fitness and exercise.

Fun Learning Environment

Tennis tots experience an enjoyable atmosphere that makes learning fun and cultivates a love for the game.

Confidence Building

Participating in tennis tots programs can boost children's confidence as they experience success and improvement in their abilities on the court.

Motor Skill Development

Tennis Tots sessions help in refining gross and fine motor skills through fun tennis activities.

Social Interaction

Children learn to interact, cooperate, and build relationships with peers in a social, active setting.

Basic Tennis Skills

The program introduces tots to basic tennis skills in a playful, age-appropriate manner.

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