Adult Coaching

Adult Tennis

To learn, to play, to exercise, to socialise - there's a session for you!

Whether you're just getting started, practising for your next match or looking for a new way to exercise, we've got an adult tennis session for everyone. See below for the different types of sessions we provide and the dates, times and venues which they run.

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Tennis Xpress Beginner Coaching Course

Complete beginner? Or perhaps you’re a little out of practice? Tennis Xpress is all about meeting other players and having fun while getting to grips with the basics and is a great way to get yourself out on the court.

Aimed at adults who are either new to the game or a little rusty, in each weekly session, we’ll help you gently build your skills to get you playing like a pro in no time...

Taught by our LTA Accredited coaches, our course will have you ready to serve, rally and score setting you up with the skills to start playing tennis on a regular basis, whether that's down the club with your friends or heading out to your first competition.


Our intermediate adult groups are aimed at more experienced tennis players who are looking for some extra coaching advice.

Each term will focus on a particular skill or tactic and then be added to your game through a mixture of singles and doubles matchplay.

Team Training

Team training is available for anyone who is a part of the adult teams.

The sessions will be entirely doubles focused and include, technical coaching and tactical drills and strategies to help get you ready for when the competition season comes along.

Ladies Morning

Doubles tennis with double the fun. It’s all about helping women improve their skills and confidence on the court.

Master important doubles tactics and skills. Think social tennis with serious fun!

Each session consists of a skill builder, drills that will improve your doubles game, friendly point play and a fun game to finish.

If you feel comfortable rallying with a partner and have got to grips with the basics of tennis, then Ladies morning is for you.

Cardio Tennis

Cardio Tennis is a fun, sociable group fitness class with a tennis twist. This tennis workout is open to anyone - all ages and abilities!

Great music, great cardio and great people – what’s not to like? You’ll get to hit lots of tennis balls during your class, build up your skills and work up a sweat.

You might be wondering, “is tennis good exercise?” - the short answer is yes! Tennis offers a great workout from a cardio fitness perspective as well as working out muscles across your body, from your core to your glutes.

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